Young people create short videos about the dilemmas that occur within their communities. With the help of professional mentors, they write the script themselves, explore the question and interview passers-by. The resulting videos serve as a starting point for a human rights debate.

The starting point for Free2Choose Create is that young people, given supervision and guidance, can take an active role in the creation and educational implementation of short educational films focusing on human rights dilemmas.  The approach borrows from key insights derived from peer education methodologies.

A special Free2choose-Create 2-4 day workshop introduces (young) people to human rights, their history, contemporary importance and their relevance for the lives of young people today. After reflection on these issues, the participants work with professional human rights educators and filmmakers to identify human rights violations and dilemmas in their own communities.

They subsequently, in small groups, write their own scripts for a short 3-5 minute film that can be used for educational purposes.The final part of the workshop involves the participants conducting research and film interviews that lead to a final product – a film with a clear human rights dilemma – on the last day.

During the workshop the participants gain a better understanding of human rights issues and how they impact their lives and communities. They also gain practical skills such as writing a script, using a camera, conducting an effective interview and editing a video.  Developing presentation skills and debate skills are also a key component of the training.

The first edition of the workshop in Slovenia took place in May 2016 at the National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia. Students from Šentvid and Škofja Loka took part among their peers from Austria.

After the introductory conversation on human rights they were divided into groups. Each of them chose the topical topic that she asked about passers-by in the center of Ljubljana. The resulting answers were finally combined in a few minutes long movies.