The final act of the literary competition Anne Frank – Her Message to my Generation (you can read more about the competition here) took place yesterday in the Knight’s Hall of the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia.

The Commission, comprised of Anja Keber (Commission Chair) and Katja Klopčič Lavrenčič (KUD Sodobnost International) and Monika Montanič (project leader in Slovenia Ana Frank – the story for the present), announced the best three of the 157 entries received.

At the gala awards ceremony, the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, His excellency mr Pieter Jan Langenberg, addressed the visitors, as well as the director of the Museum of Recent History of Slovenia dr. Kaja Širok, Monika Montanič and Katja Klopčič Lavrenčič from KUD Sodobnost International. The award ceremony was moderated by Jure Stušek.

1st place was je given to Lara Rubin (9th grade OŠ France Prešeren Maribor; mentor: Metka Pelicon) with the following explanation:

Lara structured her essay as the last letter from Anne Frank made in a concentration camp, where Anne despite the hardships observed first small changes at German guards. She also received first news about destroyed concentration camps. The author came very close to the psychological state of Anne Frank, which reflected the change that is consequence of everything she had been through, and was also consistent with Anne’s feelings in the Hideout. In her last thinking “her” Anne turned herself to future, made plans, and clearly formed her message to the modern generation. She reminded them that her diary is not just a literally masterpiece but that it also described a fate of a real family, and confronted opinions of Anne and her sister Margot that after all the lives that had been lost the World would never be the same, while Anne hoped that the tragic experience would change the world for the better. Beside all of that the essay is written clearly and strongly, and the writing reflects an ear for laungauge and style.

Lara Rubin, recepient of  1st prize

2nd place was achieved by Nataša Ozvatič from the Primary School Destnik-Trnovska vas in Destrnik (mentor Barbara Bezjak), and Maja Kobal from the Šturje Ajdovščina primary school (mentor Petra Rodman). You can read the explanations of the prizes on the competition page.

Three prize-winners read their essays.

Recipients of literary competition awards

At the ceremony, Polona Car, Jakob Kovačič and Jure Stušek received the certificates of Ane Frank House from Amsterdam, which officially made them “Ambassadors of Anne Frank”. The certificate was signed by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, his excellency mr Pieter Jan Langenberg, Director of the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia dr. Kaja Širok, and the project leader in Slovenia Monika Močnik.

Polona, Jakob and Jure with the project leader Monika Močnik and the ambassador of Kingdom of Netherlands His excellency mr Pieter Jan Langenberg after receiving the certificate.

The Awards Ceremony was photographed by Sašo Kovačič, NMCH.

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