Do you remember the young girl that was hiding in the Netherlands and writing a diary during the Second World War?

Her timeless and sad faith did not remain unspoken as thousands of others…

Based on the book The Diary of Anne Frank an international project has been started. Among many other countries, Slovenia is also taking part.

The travelling exhibition – Anne Frank – A History for Today is integral part of the project. The main theme of the exhibition is the life of Anne Frank and her famous diary, which she wrote while hiding in the Secret Annex with her family and others.

An interesting attribute about this exhibition is that elementary and high school pupils, aged roughly the same as Anne Frank while she was experiencing the horrors of the war, are the exhibition guides. The exhibition also includes relevant topics such as discrimination, human rights violations, empathy, etc.

The experiences of a young girl serve as an introduction to facts about historical and social events during the Second World War.

Participating Organisations

Following organisations participate in the project:

National Museum of Contemporary History in Slovenia is the custodian of the exhibition in Slovenia. His representative Monika Močnik (project leader in Slovenia) is executing the project together with remaining team members.

Anne Frank House from Amsterdam is the main creator of the exhibition Anne Frank – The Story for Today. Their representatives have prepared training for our team, which has enabled the management of this project in Slovenia. It also provided catalogs for pupils – guidebooks in Slovene language and the model of the hiding place, which is also part of the exhibition. They also supported CrossingBorders (2016) and MemoryWalk (2017/18) workshops.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Slovenia has financially supported the exhibition in 2014 and the international workshops (CrossingBorders) in 2016. They also provided the main prize for the essay competition of the non-profit publisher KUD Sodobnost International.

Union of the blind and partially sighted of Slovenia has provided the texts for the exhibition in Braille and in standardized enlarged font.

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Other partners

CrossingBorders Films

Where is the exhibition?

The exibition travels among Slovene elementary and high schools. It is be held approximately two months on every school it visits. Our goal is that the exibition reaches all Slovenian regions.

The exhibition is not set up during summer vacation. It will return in the autumn.


More information

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